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Czech Language Institute offers online lessons which are getting more and more popular. They take place where you feel comfortable and confident. It will obviously have a positive impact on the education received. In addition, following  a distance course is, first and foremost, time and energy saving. We really appreciate your interest in learning Czech language and we would like offer you affordable lessons. If you have any additional question, feel free to contact us. 

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our students:


  • Jelena

"I have been learning Czech for last 2 months  for 2 to 3 times per week, and I find every class engaging and enjoyable and can see great progress in my knowledge and increased confidence to use the language."

  • Brian

"I recommend to all levels from total beginner to advanced plus.
Pleasant approach with excellent opportunities to share one owns Czech language and living cultural experience with."

  • Sam

"I've been having lessons for 1,5 years and I have made massive improvements. I have a great teacher, very patient, who puts lots of effort into our lessons and makes them fun! Highly recommend. "

  • John

"I've been using CZL for a month now, a weekly lesson, and I'm surprised about how easy it was for me to pick up the language, from nothing, and how their teaching techniques just "clicked" with me and I can actually remember! I would recommend to all levels from complete beginner upwards.

Meet the Czech Language Institute director, Michaela Konecna, M.A.

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